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Education and Skills

Since 2010, various reviews have taken place to identify how to improve skills in the UK, including, the Wolf Review of Vocational Education, the Richard Review of Apprenticeships and the Perkins Review of Engineering skills. A Commons Library article published in October 2014 looks at the current situation of skills in the UK, how does the UK compare internationally and what skills are needed in the future?

CBI: Gateway to growth

Key Issues 2015 article: Young people in the Labour Market

BIS performance indicators: Skills

UKCES report: UK Skill Levels and International Competitiveness, 2013

DfE Review of vocational education, 2011 The Wolf Report: recommendations final progress report February 2015

IPPR Winning the global race

OECD Skills beyond School Synthesis Report

FE NewsWhat has happened to 14 to 19 vocational education?

14-19 Curriculum and Qualifications Reform Final Report of the Working Group on 14-19 Reform October 2004


Apprenticeships policy: Skills and training are devolved policy areas. This note covers apprenticeships policy in England.

Apprenticeship statistics:This note presents and analyses data on the number of people starting apprenticeships in England and statistics for Parliamentary Constituencies in England.


Documents to download

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