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This Westminster Hall debate is being held in response to an e-petition uploaded to Parliament’s petitions website which attracted over the 100,000 signatures required to be considered for a debate in the House.

The petition, entitled ‘Stop allowing immigrants into the UK’, calls for an immediate halt to all migration into Britain by closing the borders. The petition raises the following concerns in relation to immigration:

  • the access foreign nationals have to welfare and social security benefits;
  • the cost to the UK;
  • cultural change based on the religion of migrants;
  • the future migrant population of Britain.

The petition can be viewed on the Petitions website.

The debate will be held under the motion, ‘That this House has considered an e-petition relating to immigration’. It will be led by Paul Scully MP, a member of the Petitions Committee.

You will be able to view the debate at

This debate pack has been compiled in preparation for the debate. It is intended to provide some background information on the issue by giving a brief overview of Government policy and the available statistics. It also includes summaries and links to the most recent debates in the House on immigration, ministerial statements and Parliamentary Questions. It is not designed to support any particular argument nor the views expressed in the e-petition itself.

Debate packs are intended to provide a summary or overview of the issues being debated and identify any relevant briefings including press and parliamentary material. A more detailed briefing may be prepared for a Member on request to the Library.

Documents to download

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