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Fraudulent or exaggerated personal injury claims, particularly in relation to whiplash, are one of the reasons often cited by the motor insurance industry for the increase in insurance premiums, with the ABI calling Britain the “whiplash capital of Europe“.

The Coalition sought to address this issue with measures brought in as part of their Whiplash Reform Programme and reforms to civil justice. Some of the new initiatives include:

  • A previous claims check to be carried out on claimants to aid with the detection of fraud.
  • Medical reports now submitted through the MedCo Portal.
  • Medical reports now have a one-off fixed fee.
  • A medical experts accreditation scheme will be launched next year.
  • A ban on referral fees paid between lawyers, insurers and claims management firms.

It is difficult to assess the level of fraud in relation to insurance claims – estimates vary widely but the ABI has suggested around 7% – and the number of exaggerated personal injury claims is unknown. This debate pack provides an overview of the publically available statistics, along with recent parliamentary material and links to relevant media articles and government documents.


This Westminser Hall debate will be held on Wednesday 18 November 2015 at 1430hrs.

You will be able to watch the debate at

Debate packs are intended to provide a summary or overview of the issues being debated and identify any relevant briefings including press and parliamentary material. A more detailed briefing may be prepared for a Member on request to the Library.

Documents to download

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