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The Government has described the costs of domestic violence as “immense”. It has said that “the estimated cost of domestic violence to employers is some £3.1 billion. The total cost is an estimated £23 billion when all the various factors are taken into account, including the human and emotional suffering and the subsequent suffering of children”.

According to figures from the Crime Survey for England and Wales, 6.1% of adults aged 16-59 were a victim of domestic abuse in 2014/15.

Tackling domestic violence is a “key priority” for the Government and an updated Violence Against Women and Girls strategy is due to be published shortly.

Campaigning groups have said that men can play a part in preventing violence against women in a number of ways including:

  • being a positive role model to other men and speaking out against domestic violence, helping to change attitudes and social norms
  • taking on a leadership role in the community and using this opportunity to speak out against violence
  • confronting sexist, homophobic and other prejudiced remarks
  • not buying magazines, movies, music or watch television programs that portray women in a sexually degrading or violent manner

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