Autumn Statement distributional analysis, Universal Credit and Employment Support Allowance

Opposition Day debate, Wednesday 16 November 2016.

The following briefings, press releases and reports provide relevant background information to the debate .

Commons Library Briefing CBP-7649, Abolition of the ESA Work-Related Activity Component 

Commons Library Briefing CBP-7446, Universal Credit changes from April 2016 

James Browne , Andrew Hood and Robert Joyce, The (changing) effects of universal credit, IFS Green Budget, 3 February 2016

Sam Royston, The Future of Family Incomes: How key tax and welfare changes will affect families to 2020, Children’s Society, February 2016

David Finch, Universal Challenge – making a success of Universal Credit, Resolution Foundation, 3 May 2016

David Finch and Matthew Whittaker, Under New Management: options for supporting ‘just managing’ families at the Autumn Statement, Resolution Foundation, 7 November 2016

Centre for Social Justice, CSJ calls on Government to back the ‘just about managing’ by reversing Universal Credit cuts, CSJ press release, 27 October 2016

Centre for Social Justice, The case for strengthening Universal Credit work allowances, 27 October 2016

Public Accounts Committee, Universal Credit and fraud and error: progress review, HC 489 2016-17, 4 November 2016

Treasury Select Committee, Committee urges Chancellor to re-instate distributional analysis, 25 August 2016

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