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E-petition 132140 relating to free childcare

On Monday 21 November MPs will debate e-petition 132140 in Westminster Hall. The Petitions committee has agreed to a debate being held on this petition, after it attracted over 100,000 signatures on the petitions website. The petition title is Free childcare when both parents are working. Not just those who are on benefits.

The debate will be led by Helen Jones MP, a member of the Petitions Committee.

The following is the text of the petition as it appears on the petitions website:

Free childcare is in place for 2 year olds where the parents have low income and mostly on benefits and don’t work. If the parents are not working then their children don’t need childcare. My husband and I work very hard to provide for our family but have to pay huge amount of money for childcare.

When childcare is paid for when both parents are working it makes a huge dent in income, we could do with the help. All children deserve this, It seems as though I would be better off not working. 

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