This debate is sponsored by Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP on the motion “Changes in council funding and social care”.

The debate will take place in Westminster Hall at 9.30am on Wednesday 22 February for one and a half hours.

 The following briefings, press releases and reports provide relevant background to the debate.

Library and POST briefings

Commons Library Briefing Paper CBP7903, Adult Social Care Funding (England)

Commons Library Briefing Paper CBP7564, State of the care home market (England)

Commons Library Briefing Paper CBP7265, Social care: Announcement delaying introduction of funding reform (including the cap) and other changes until April 2020 (England)

Commons Library Briefing Paper SN1911, Social care: paying for care home places and domiciliary care (England)

Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology POST-PN-0532, Integrating Health and Social Care

Commons Library Briefing Paper CBP7873, The Local Government Finance Bill 2016-17

Commons Local government finance in England: Social Indicators page, 15 December 2016

Parliamentary material


NHS and Social Care Funding

HC Deb 11 January 2017 cc335-427

Local Government Finance Settlement

HC Deb 15 December 2016 cc976-94

Social Care Funding

HC Deb 12 December 2016 c502-511

Oral Questions

Social Care Budgets

HC Deb 7 February 2017 cc216-8


Written Questions

Social Services: Finance

10 Feb 2017 | Written questions | Answered | House of Commons | 63025

Social Services: Finance

02 Feb 2017 | Written questions | Answered | House of Commons | 59989

Social Services: Council Tax

01 Feb 2017 | Written questions | Answered | House of Commons | 58325

Social Services: Finance

24 Jan 2017 | Written questions | Answered | House of Commons | 60503

Social Services: Finance

12 Jan 2017 | Written questions | Answered | House of Commons | 58419

Social Services: Finance

09 Jan 2017 | Written questions | Answered | House of Commons | 58515

Social Services: Finance

09 Jan 2017 | Written questions | Answered | House of Commons | 58335


Press articles

Council tax to rise while services cut, says LGA

BBC, 20 February 2017

Tory council’s council tax referendum was bought off with Whitehall cash

Independent, 11 February 2017

Councils ‘at breaking point’ due to budget cuts and rising social care bills

Guardian, 10 February 2017

Council tax increases: Nearly every town hall in the country planning major changes, survey finds

Telegraph, 10 February 2017

Welsh ministers rule out social care council tax rise

BBC, 8 February 2017

Reality Check: Who gets social care and who pays for it?

BBC, 8 February 2017

Ministers move to ‘shift blame for funding cuts to local councils’

Guardian, 5 February 2017

Directors call for ’emergency’ social care funding

Community Care, 1 February 2017

Press notices

No sticking-plaster solutions for social care

Public Finance, 13 February 2017

Report: 2017 State of Local Government Finance survey

Local Government Information Unit, 10 February 2017

Care Act faces failure – warn councils

Local Government Association, 31 January 2017

NHS will not be able to cope unless government gets to grip with the social care crisis, warns doctors’ leader

British Medical Association, 30 December 2016

Council tax rise to pay for care is ‘a drop in the ocean’

Care and Support Alliance, 15 December 2016

What now for social care?

King’s Fund, 11 December 2016


Further Reading

Select Committees

Communities and Local Government Committee, Adult social care inquiry, ongoing

Health Committee, Impact of the Spending Review on health and social care, HC139, 2016-17

Public Accounts Committee, Adult social care in England, HC518 2014-15


Age UK, Briefing: Health and Care of Older People in England 2017, 16 February 2017

National Audit Office, Health and social care integration, HC 1011, 8 February 2017

Local Government Association, Adult social care funding: 2016 state of the nation report, November 2016

King’s Fund, Nuffield Trust and The Health Foundation, The Autumn Statement – Joint statement on health and social care, 8 November 2016

Care Quality Commission, State of Care Report 2015/16, 12 October 2016

Local Government Association, The LGA’s submission to the Autumn Statement 2016, 10 October 2016

King’s Fund and Nuffield Trust, Social care for older people: Home truths, 15 September 2016

Association of Directors of Adult Social Services, ADASS Budget Survey 2016, July 2016

National Audit Office, Adult social care in England: overview, 11 March 2014

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