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Defence Estate Strategy, Commons Briefing papers CBP-7862, 12 January 2017

The Ministry of Defence holds one of the largest estates in the country and plans to reduce it in size by 30% by 2040. This Commons Library briefing paper outlines the Government’s plans and critical analysis by the National Audit Office.

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A Better Defence Estate, Ministry of Defence, November 2016

The better defence estate strategy aims to support military capability by providing a smaller but better estate for the armed forces and their families out to 2040 and beyond.

It is a detailed, long term plan to reduce the defence built estate by 30% and provides a framework for the geographical lay down of our forces in the UK for at least a generation.

The strategy has been developed in partnership with military leaders and sets out where investment will be concentrated and where sites will be sold to deliver a significantly smaller estate which is more efficient and better enables military capability.

Delivering the defence estate, National Audit Office, HC 782, Session 2016-17, 15 November 2016

The MoD has developed a strategy that identifies the estate it needs and the 25% of its estate it can dispose of by 2040. However, the strategy and current funding levels allow only for a partial reversal of the decline in the condition of the remaining estate. There is a significant risk that the poor condition of the estate will affect the Department’s ability to provide the defence capability needed.

Strategic Defence and Security Review: Army

Written Statement, 15 December 2016

Defence Estate

Oral Statement, 7 November 2016

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