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E-petition 176555 relating to mental health education in schools can be read on the E-petitions website.

This petition calls for the Government to make mental health education a mandatory part of primary and secondary education. At the moment, schools decide whether, and how, to provide such support, and there are concerns that support is better in some areas than others.

The Government responded to the petition, noting that schools are encouraged to teach about mental health in Personal, Social and Health Education (PHSE) and that the PSHE Association, with Government funding, has produced a guide on preparing to teach about mental health and emotional wellbeing. Since then, the PSHE association has also published a programme of study, which includes mental health at key stages 4-5 and social media at key stages 2-5.

In January 2017 the Prime Minister announced that all teachers in England will, after 3 years, receive mental health first aid training. In February 2017, the Government also released the results of a pilot, aiming to create  better links between schools and child and adolescent mental health services. The Government has committed to expanding this pilot.

A green paper on children and young people’s mental health is expected later this year.

Documents to download

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