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This debate pack summarises the changes made to higher education funding in England and pulls together commentary from the education sector and newspapers. The paper also indicates how the subject has been treated in Parliament.

For further information, the Library has already published a number of briefings on the subject of higher education funding. In particular, Higher education funding in England sets out the general background and statistics on the issue. Other Library papers include:

Student loan interest rates FAQs

Higher education tuition fees in England

Abolition of maintenance grants in England from 2016/17

Prime Minister’s announcement on changes to student funding (following the announcement – in October 2017 – of changes to the student finance system)

Support for postgraduate students in England

Part-time undergraduate students in England

The Library has also produced a number of relevant statistical briefings:

Tuition fee statistics

Student loan statistics

The value of student maintenance support

Higher education finance statistics

Documents to download

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  • Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic there have been concerns about the financial impact on universities. Much of this has focussed on the potential loss of international students, but there could also be losses in income from lower home student numbers, a drop in research work and less revenue from accommodation, catering and conferencing. What are the size of these impacts and what has the Government done to support the sector?

  • What is the guidance for students moving back on to campuses at the start of in 2020-21 and on returning home for the Christmas break? What concerns were raised about the return to campus? How have universities changed the way they organise teaching and how does this affect potential fee refunds? How many students and staff have tested positive for Covid-19? Has the peak among students passed? What impact will the national lockdown from 5 January 2021 have on students and providers?

  • Headline student numbers have increased to new records following a short dip after to the 2012 reforms. There are however ongoing concerns about numbers outside this group where trends have not been so positive, including part-time undergraduates, some postgraduates students, overseas students from some countries, especially Nigeria and Malaysia, mature students and some disadvantaged groups. There is also considerable concern about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and student numbers, particularly those from overseas and uncertainty about the impact of Brexit on EU student numbers.