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This debate pack summarises the changes made to higher education funding in England and pulls together commentary from the education sector and newspapers. The paper also indicates how the subject has been treated in Parliament.

For further information, the Library has already published a number of briefings on the subject of higher education funding. In particular, Higher education funding in England sets out the general background and statistics on the issue. Other Library papers include:

Student loan interest rates FAQs

Higher education tuition fees in England

Abolition of maintenance grants in England from 2016/17

Prime Minister’s announcement on changes to student funding (following the announcement – in October 2017 – of changes to the student finance system)

Support for postgraduate students in England

Part-time undergraduate students in England

The Library has also produced a number of relevant statistical briefings:

Tuition fee statistics

Student loan statistics

The value of student maintenance support

Higher education finance statistics

Documents to download

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