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This Debate Pack provides background information, parliamentary material, press articles, and further reading suggestions which Members may find useful in preparation for this debate.

Since April 2016, the Government and NHS England have been committed to the standard that 50% of people, aged 14-65, experiencing a first episode of psychosis should have access to a care package, which conforms to NICE clinical guidelines and quality standards, within two weeks of referral, with a target that this should rise to at least 60% by 2020/21.

In January 2018, Norman Lamb MP published a report, Discrimination at the Heart of the NHS, which argued that, while the waiting time aspect of the standard was being met, there were concerns about whether the Government had focused sufficiently on whether the provision of a NICE-approved package of treatment was being adhered to.

This Debate Pack covers the policy background to the introduction of this standard, including the Government’s commitment to “parity of esteem” between mental and physical health, and provides statistics on early intervention in psychosis waiting times.

Documents to download

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