This debate pack has been prepared ahead of the debate on the Effect of the UK leaving the EU on tourism and the creative industries , to be held in Westminster Hall on Tuesday 17 April at 2.30PM. This debate will be led by Christine Jardine MP.


  • Tourism contributed £66.1 billion to the economy in 2016. This was 3.8% of total economic output in the UK.
  • The economic output of the tourism industry has increased each year since 2010, and by 34% in total between 2010 and 2016.
  • There were 1.5 million jobs directly associated with tourism in the UK in 2015. This was 4.5% of all jobs in the UK.
  • The creative industries in the UK account for 6% of employment and 5% of economic output.
  • The largest of the creative sub-sectors is the IT, software and computer services industry, employing 640,000 people, 34% of all creative industry employees and accouting for 40% of the economic output of the whole creative sector.