Until 1 August 2017 students taking undergraduate pre-registration courses in nursing and other allied health profession subjects were supported by NHS bursaries. This package of support included payment of tuition fees and support with maintenance costs. The Government abolished NHS bursaries for new students starting these courses from August 2017 and transferred students onto the standard student support system. These students are now supported by loans for fees and maintenance.

As part of the reforms to healthcare education funding students on specific postgraduate and undergraduate courses continued to receive NHS bursaries for a transition period of one year.  SI 2018 No 433 will end this transition period and transfer students on these remaining courses onto the standard student support system.  Undergraduate and postgraduate students on nursing and allied health professions courses will then all receive the same student support from 1 August 2018.

For more background on this issue, the Library has produced a briefing paper called Debate on SI 2018/443 (on student support): 9 May 2018.

News articles

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