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The Government published a new Veterans Strategy on 14 November 2018.

What is the Veterans Strategy?

The Veterans Strategy is UK-wide government policy endorsed by UK, Scottish and Welsh Governments. Each nation will determine how the Strategy is delivered. The Strategy makes clear this means delivery will look different in each part of the country but that “all parts of the UK are committed to achieving a shared Vision and Principles and the best outcomes for our Veterans” and the four nations “will collaborate to deliver this Strategy”.

Who does it apply to?

The Strategy applies to all Veterans although it is currently limited to those living in the United Kingdom (i.e. those who access UK services). The Government says it “will continue to work with partners to address issues faced by Veterans living overseas”.

An ‘enduring vision’

The Strategy lays out the following Vision:

Those who have served in the UK Armed Forces, and their families, transition smoothly back into civilian life and contribute fully to a society that understands and values what they have done and what they have to offer.

And three principles:

  • Veterans are first and foremost civilians and contribute to be of benefit to wider society
  • Veterans are encouraged and enabled to maximise their potential as civilians
  • Veterans are able to access support that meets their needs when necessary, through public and voluntary sectors

The Strategy also identifies five cross-cutting factors and six themes and, as it is a ten-year plan, sets each an outcome to be achieved by 2028.

Consultation open

The Government published a consultation paper alongside the Strategy. This is to consult on ways to implement the Strategy across the UK, except for devolved matters in Scotland and Wales. The UK Government will consult for Northern Ireland and the consultation closes in February 2019.


The Ministerial Covenant and Veterans Board will provide oversight of the Strategy’s implementation.

The Annual Report on the Armed Forces Covenant will include an update on progress against the Strategy.

The Strategy will be reviewed at the half-way point, in 2023. 

Further information

Library briefing paper ‘Support for UK Veterans‘ details the support given to armed forces veterans in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It covers a range of topics including housing, healthcare, pensions and compensation schemes, employment and benefits, medals and concessions. The paper is being updated to reflect the publication of the Strategy.

 The House of Lords Library has also published a paper on this subject ‘Veterans Strategy: Background to Government policy‘, prepared for the debate in the House of Lords on 15 November 2018.

Documents to download

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