There are a range of providers of infant first aid training aimed at parents, family members and carers, including St John’s Ambulance and the British Red Cross. Some further information and advice can be found at the links below:

First aid advice for parents, St John’s Ambulance – general advice and information for parents/carers.

Baby First Aid, NCT, courses run in partnership with the British Red Cross.

First aid for baby and child, British Red Cross.

The NHS provides online advice for baby and child first aid, including a Baby and Child First Aid (App). See also general information on the NHS webpages: What to do if your child has an accident and How to resuscitate a child.

Infant first aid training for parents has not been debated in Parliament previously but in 2014 the House of Commons considered an e-petition relating to the Millie’s Trust campaign to train all nursery nurses in paediatric first aid (Paediatric First Aid, Westminster Hall debate, 15 December 2014). The most recent PQ on first aid training for staff in early years settings, and childminders, was answered in May 2018 (PQ 140184, 8 May 2018).

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