General debate on the definition of Islamophobia.

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A general debate on the definition of Islamophobia will take place in the Commons Chamber on Thursday 16 May 2019. The debate was originally scheduled for 11 April 2019.

The subject of the debate was determined by the backbench Business Committee following an application by Wes Streeting MP and Anna Soubry MP. The debate will take place on the motion that: This House has considered the definition of Islamophobia. 

This Debate Pack contains information on definitions of Islamophobia, statutory provisions relevant to Islamophobia and statistics on Islamophobia in the UK.

  • Commons Debate Pack CDP-2019-0086
  • Authors: Douglas Pyper, Grahame Allen, Previn Desai, Sally Lipscombe, Yago Zayed
  • Topics: Civil law, Communities

Download the full report