On 5 June 2019 there will be a Westminster Hall debate regarding universal credit and debt. The debate will be led by Ruth George MP.

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This House of Commons debate pack briefing has been prepared in advance of a debate on “Universal Credit and Debt”. This debate will be led by Ruth George MP and will take place in Westminster Hall on Wednesday 5 June 2019, starting at 2.30pm.

The debate is expected to cover a range of issues including:

  • The five-week wait for first payment of Universal Credit (UC)
  • Budgeting on UC and Alternative Payment Arrangements (APAs)
  • Deductions from UC awards
  • Rent arrears
  • Recovery of tax credit overpayments and other debts
  • Availability of Local Welfare Assistance
  • Effect of the benefits freeze

This debate pack briefing provides background information on all the issues listed above, in addition to parliamentary and press material which Members may find useful when preparing for this debate.

In addition, the Child Poverty Action Group have today released a new report entitled “Universal credit: what needs to change to reduce child poverty and make it fit for families?” which may be useful when preparing for today’s debate.

  • Commons Debate Pack CDP-2019-0131
  • Authors: Andrew Mackley, Michael O'Donnell, Steven Kennedy, Wendy Wilson
  • Topics: Benefits, Pensions, Work & Incomes

Download the full report