Parliamentary proceedings

Representations to the House of Commons Backbench Business Committee by Gareth Thomas MP and Steve Baker MP, 26 March 2019

Parliamentary proceedings on this issue 2015- [Intranet]

Press/Blog articles

Social enterprise bodies call for European ‘Buy Social’ campaign in list of demands to MEPs, The Pioneer, 12 June 2019

Preston model: Bringing democracy to local economy, BBC News, 7 June 2019 [Video]

Co-operatives have key role to play in supporting the economy, Western Mail, 10 April 2019 [Intranet link]

‘It’s going to be our little paradise’: can co-ops solve the housing crisis? The Guardian, 27 March 2019

Politics interfering with every part of our lives is the last thing we need, The Telegraph, 22 March 2019 [Intranet link]

Euro Coop to maintain a close relationship with UK retail co-ops after Brexit, Coop News, 28 February 2019

Co-operatives get new lease of life as contract workers join up, Financial Times (£), 2 November 2018

Labour emulates international schemes with worker shares plan, Financial Times (£), 27 September 2018

Unfound: these platform co-operatives are creating the tools for a worker-owned economy, The Independent, 5 June 2018

How do we double the size of the UK’s co-operative economy?, Coop News, 4 July 2018

The history of the British co-operative movement – timeline, The Guardian, 29 January 2014

Press releases

Co‑op Fortnight 24 June to 7 July 2019, Co-operatives UK

New ‘Social Value’ contracts to revolutionise government procurement, Cabinet Office, 19 November 2018


All-Party Parliamentary Group for Mutuals

Common Wealth [UK think tank]

Co-operatives UK

European Commission – Social economy in the EU

International Cooperative Alliance – Facts and figures


Further reading

Business with a Purpose: the UK mutual economy report 2019, All Parliamentary Group for Mutuals, 2019

Co-operatives unleashed: doubling the size of the UK’s co-operative sector, New Economics Foundation, July 2018

Public Service Mutuals: the state of the sector, UK Social Enterprise [for DCMS], April 2018

The Co-operative Economy 2018, Co-operatives UK, 2018

World Cooperative Monitor 2018, International Cooperative Alliance, 2018

The Hidden Revolution, Social Enterprise UK, 2018

Capital Gains: Broadening company ownership in the UK economy, IPPR, December 2017

A cooperative vision for the collaborative economy, Cooperatives Europe, November 2017

Community Economic Development Lessons from two years’ action research, Co-operatives UK, 2017

Alternative models of ownership, Labour Party, 2017

 A short history of co-operation and mutuality, Ed Mayo, Co-operatives UK, 2017

Social Enterprise, House of Commons Library, July 2016

Mutuality: Towards a Renewed Welsh Economy & The Renaissance of a Radical Welsh Politics, Bow Group, May 2016

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