On 3 July 2019, there will be a Westminster Hall debate on Investment in the provision of English for speakers of other languages, due to begin at 2:30pm. The debate is sponsored by Preet Kaur Gill MP.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) is the term used for English language courses taken by people whose first language is not English and who need English to communicate in daily life.

This debate pack, focusing on England, explains Government funding of ESOL over time, including the introduction of fees from 2007 onwards. Figures on ESOL enrolment over this period are also included. The paper also describes the recent Government commitment to publish a new national strategy for the English language, as Scottish and Welsh Governments have done.

Various news articles, parliamentary content, and further reading is also provided to illustrate stakeholder opinion, research and policies in elsewhere in the UK.

  • Commons Debate Pack CDP-2019-0169
  • Authors: Alexander Bellis, Bess Jap, Hannah Wilkins, Nerys Roberts, Paul Bolton, Selena Steele, Susan Hubble
  • Topics: Education