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1.Further reading

Electric vehicles and infrastructure, House of Commons Library Briefing, 31 January 2020

4IR and the Environment: How the Fourth Industrial Revolution can curb air pollution and decarbonise the economy, Social Market Foundation, 30 January 2020

Energising our Electric Vehicle Transition, Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce, 14 January 2020

Accelerating road transport decarbonisation: a complementary approach using sustainable and low carbon fuels, Institution of Mechanical Engineers, January 2020

Net zero in the UK, House of Commons Library Briefing, 16 December 2019

European shipping’s climate record, Transport and Environment, 9 December 2019

What if hydrogen could help decarbonise transport?, European Parliamentary Research Service, November 2019

Smarter transport: a digital revolution for electric vehicles and mobility services, Green Alliance, November 2019

Technologies for meeting the UK’s emissions reduction targets: Government and Ofgem Responses to the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee’s Twentieth Report of Session 2017-19, 1 November 2019 [transport section]

UK to go further and faster to tackle climate change, DEFRA/DBEIS/DfT 15 October 2019

Committee on Climate Change’s 2019 progress reports: government responses, DEFRA/DBEIS, 15 October 2019

Decarbonising Aviation. Plane easy? Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit, 24 September 2019

Final Report for the Minister, Rail Industry Decarbonisation Taskforce, July 2019

Trains fit for the future? Inquiry, House of Commons Transport Select Committee, May – Sept 2019

Net zero: the UK’s contribution to stopping global warning, Committee on Climate Change, May 2019

Transport and Climate Change: global status report 2018, European Climate Adaptation Platform, May 2019

Global EV Outlook 2019, International Energy Agency, May 2019

Decarbonisation of transport: options and challenges, European Academies Science Advisory Council, March 2019

Shifting emissions into reverse gear: priorities for decarbonising transport, Aldersgate Group, March 2019

Getting the Department for Transport on the right track, Friends of the Earth/Transport for Quality of Life, 2019

Clean Air Strategy 2019, DEFRA, 2019 [transport chapter]

2030 Transport decarbonisation options, Ecofys, January 2019

Reducing emissions from road transport: Road to Zero Strategy, DfT, July 2018

Decarbonisation of EU Transport, European Parliament, 2017 

2.Parliamentary material on transport decarbonisation 2017-


Aviation Environment Federation

Committee on Climate Change – transport publications

DecarboN8 Network

Friends of the Earth

International Energy Agency – transport policies database

Sustainable Shipping Initiative

Transition Pathway Initiative

Transport & Environment

Transport Decarbonisation Alliance

 4. News on transport decarbonisation, 2018 – [Intranet]

Documents to download

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