A Westminster Hall debate on e-petitions 306845 and 328754, relating to financial rewards for government workers and keyworkers has been scheduled for Monday 14 December 2020 at 4.30pm. The debate will be led by Tonia Antoniazzi MP

Further information

1)Library briefings

Coronavirus: Support for businesses, 9 December 2020

Public sector pay, 2 December 2020

Coronavirus: Support for household finances, 22 June 2020

2)Other reports

Frontline fatigue:key workers living through lockdown phase 2, RSA, 7 December 2020

Key workers: decent pay and secure work for key workers through Coronavirus and beyond, TUC, September 2020

Coronavirus and key workers in the UK, ONS, May 2020

Differences between key workers, IFS, April 2020

3)Early Day Motion

Government Workers’ Pay, EDM 252, tabled on 7 December 2020

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