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On 11 January 2021 the Government published its UK COVID-19 vaccines delivery plan. The plan sets out how Covid-19 vaccines will be supplied, prioritised for those most at risk, made accessible across the country and administered by the healthcare professionals. The delivery plan stated that at a “national, regional and local level we are working in partnership with local authorities, the voluntary and community sector, local resilience forum, communities, staff and patients to ensure that simple accessible advice and information is available to everyone who needs it and that local implementation plans are tailored to support uptake in all communities.”[1]

The Government also published a plan to maximise the number of people that take up the offer of vaccination: COVID-19 vaccination uptake plan (13 February 2021).

Further background can be found in the Library briefing Coronavirus: Covid-19 vaccine roll-out. Frequently Asked Questions (last updated on 4 March 2021).

Data on Covid-19 vaccine roll-out in London

London is estimated to have lower coverage of COVID-19 vaccinations than other regions of England. As of 28th February, it’s estimated that 83% of people aged 80+ in London have had at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, compared with 93% in England as a whole. This gap is similar in all age groups above 65+.

 COVID-19 weekly vaccination statistics

Data: NHS England, COVID-19 weekly vaccination statistics

Estimated coverage varies substantially in different parts of London. The table below shows data broken down by constituency.

Vaccination coverage in London constituencies, age 65+
Data: NHS England, COVID-19 weekly vaccination statistics

[1], UK COVID-19 vaccines delivery plan, 11 January 2021

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