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The Estimate for the Wales Office outlines the total funding issued to the Welsh Government, alongside funding for the Wales Office itself. The Estimate is designed to provide funding for the full financial year, 1st April 2022 to 31st March 2023, but will be updated by the Supplementary Estimate 2022-23, to be published in February 2023.

The Wales Office Main Estimate seeks authorisation for:

  • the cash grant to the Government of Wales. The cash grant (shown in the Estimates as ‘Non-Budget’ expenditure) provides funding for the Welsh Consolidated Fund – a main source of funding for Welsh Government expenditure; and
  • funds for the operation of the Wales Office.
  • Welsh Government grant

The Main Estimate seeks a cash grant for the Welsh Government of £16,459.8 million for 2022-23, a decrease of £2,339.4 million (-14%) compared to last year’s final budget of £18,799.1 million.

Documents to download

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