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There will be a debate for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month in Westminster Hall on 8 November. This debate will be led by Jim Shannon MP. 

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month and 17th November is World Pancreatic Cancer Day 2022. Its aim is to improve early diagnosis of the disease by ensuring more people know the symptoms of pancreatic cancer.  

Pancreatic cancer can be hard to diagnose early and Pancreatic Cancer UK report that 80% of pancreatic cancer patients are not diagnosed until the cancer is at an advanced stage. They note that: “At this late stage, surgery is usually not possible – and this is the only known treatment that has the potential to cure the disease.” Cancer Research UK stated that while survival rates for some cancers have improved in recent years, there have not been the same improvements for pancreatic cancer. Again, this is partly because it is often diagnosed at a late stage.

This debate pack provides further information about pancreatic cancer, including press and parliamentary material.  

Documents to download

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