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The first debate specifically set aside for discussion of “Welsh affairs” in the House of Commons took place on 17 October 1944.

That debate was led by Megan Lloyd George, the Liberal MP for Anglesey, who considered the debate “somewhat overdue”. She said: “We welcome this Debate as a recognition of the distinctive problems and needs of Wales, not as an area, not as a part of England, but as a nation with a living language of its own, with hundreds of years of history behind it, and with its own culture.”

Not all Welsh Members supported the idea of a dedicated debate. Aneurin Bevan, the Labour MP for Ebbw Vale, said that while Wales had “a special place, a special individuality, a special culture and special claims”, he did not think “this is the place where any of them can properly be considered”.

Commons Library briefings

Future of the steel industry in Wales

This debate pack was published for a Westminster Hall debate on the future of the steel industry in Wales.

Intergovernmental relations in the United Kingdom

A research briefing setting out an overview of relations – formal and informal – between the four governments of the United Kingdom, something known as intergovernmental relations (IGR).

English and Welsh (from 1536) Parliaments held away from Westminster

A research briefing providing information on English and Welsh (from 1536) parliamentary sessions held away from Westminster and parliamentary sessions that were planned to meet away from Westminster but did not assemble.

The Barnett formula and fiscal devolution

This briefing looks at how the Barnett formula works and includes a brief summary of the debate surrounding the formula.

Devolution in Wales: “A process, not an event”

Research briefing on the devolution settlement in Wales, examining the events which led to the creation of the then National Assembly of Wales in 1999 and the subsequent expansion of the powers of what is now the Senedd (or Welsh Parliament) over the past quarter of a century.

Railway infrastructure in Wales

This debate pack was published for a Westminster Hall debate on railway infrastructure in Wales.

Recent debates on Welsh Affairs

Future of the Steel Industry in Wales, HC Deb 21 Feb 2024 257-82WH

Welsh Devolution, HC Deb 12 Dec 2023 cc 274-82WH

Railway Infrastructure in Wales HC Deb 5 May 2023 cc 177-99WH

Welsh Affairs, HC Deb 2 Mar 2023 cc 955-88

Recent Bills relating to Welsh Affairs

Two Private Members’ Bills.

The Government of Wales (Referendum on Devolution) Bill fell awaiting Commons First Reading.

The Government of Wales (Devolved Powers) Bill [HL], introduced in the Lords, had its Lords First Reading, Second Reading, and Third Reading, but fell awaiting its Commons First Reading.

Welsh Affairs Committee

Current Welsh Affairs Committee Inquiries

Prisons in Wales – a follow-up inquiry to the Committee’s 2019 work on Prisons in Wales.

Impact of population change in Wales – the Committee seeks to understand the reasons for population change and its impacts. It will examine what mitigations could be put in place by the UK Government to meet the potential challenges of population change.

University research funding – an inquiry focusing on the researching funding received by universities in Wales. It will particularly concentrate on the replacement of money received from EU Structural Funds. There will be wider consideration of the research funding from and influenced by the UK Government and UK institutions, such as UK Research and Innovation.

Defence industry in Wales – this inquiry will examine the defence industry in Wales, looking specifically at defence manufacturing and cyber security.

Water quality in Wales

Broadcasting in Wales – an inquiry to consider how to ensure a successful and dynamic broadcasting sector in Wales; the future of public service broadcasting and the place of free-to-air sports broadcasting in Wales; and the impact of the privatisation of Channel 4 on the Welsh broadcasting sector.

Responsibilities of the Secretary of State for Wales – a regular series of evidence sessions with the Secretary of State for Wales about his responsibilities and the work of the UK Government in Wales

All current non-inquiry sessions

Recently published Welsh Affairs Committee reports

Broadcasting in Wales (published 23 Oct 2023) – Government response.

Wales as a global tourist destination (published 12 Jul 2023) – Government response.

Nuclear energy in Wales (published 3 May 2023) – Government response.

Floating Offshore Wind in Wales (published 8 Mar 2023) – Government response.

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