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This paper contains labour market figures for parliamentary constituencies, as well as a summary of the latest national and regional statistics.

• The number of people claiming Jobseekers Allowance increased by 5,300 between September and October 2011 to 1.60 million people aged 18 or over.

• The wider ILO measure of unemployment was 2.62 million in the period July-September 2011, a rise of 129,000 from the last quarter. The number of unemployed people has not been higher since the summer of 1994.

• In July-September 2011, 1.02 million people aged 16-24 were unemployed, an increase of 67,000 on the previous quarter and a rise of 112,000 compared with the same quarter a year ago. The unemployment rate for those aged 16-24 is 21.9%.

• The number of people in employment (16 and over) fell by 197,000 over the last quarter to 29.07 million (July-September 2011).

Documents to download

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