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This is a report on the House of Commons Committee Stage of the Scrap Metal Dealers Bill, Bill 69 of 2012-13. The Bill, which has Government support, is a Private Member’s Bill sponsored by Richard Ottaway. It would introduce additional regulatory controls on scrap metal dealers in order to reduce the opportunities for metal thieves to sell stolen material.

This report focuses on key amendments and areas of debate at Committee Stage—it does not represent a full summary of the debate. It complements Library Research Paper 12/39 prepared for the House of Commons Second Reading, which occurred on 13 July 2012.

A number of amendments were made to the Bill in Committee. Government amendments included: changes to the definition of scrap metal to include platinum; the removal of a national cap on scrap metal dealer licence application fees; and, provisions for a defence against certain offences where all reasonable steps had been taken. The Opposition amended the Bill to require scrap metal dealers to keep records for three years, rather than two.

The Report Stage of the Bill is scheduled for 9 November 2012.

Documents to download

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