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Regulated energy utilities. House of Commons Library Research Paper 98/19.

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  • The energy price crunch 2021

    The price of energy has dramatically increased in recent months; both in the UK and globally. Gas has led the price rise, but electricity prices have followed as gas is one of the fuels used to generate electricity. The prices are causing widespread concern and knock-on impacts for both domestic and commercial energy consumers. This paper sets out the causes of the price rise, impacts in the UK, and possible implications for UK energy policy.

    The energy price crunch 2021
  • Petrol and diesel prices

    Average mid-September prices for petrol and diesel were 134.6 and 136.8 pence per litre respectively. They fell rapidly after the coronavirus outbreak largely due to sharp drops in oil prices. Since the first lockdown prices have increased again and are now above their immediate pre-pandemic levels. The UK had the 10th highest petrol and 2nd highest diesel prices in the EU+UK.

    Petrol and diesel prices