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Remploy Enterprise Businesses provided employment to 2,150 disabled people in 54 factories in 2011/12, producing a range of items including automotive parts and school furniture. Government subsidies to Remploy factories were withdrawn from March 2012, in line with recommendations made in the independent Sayce Review of specialist disability employment programmes. Consequently most factories have now closed, but six have been sold to new owners.

Remploy continues to provide employment support to disabled people through Remploy Employment Services. Remploy operates as a provider in the Government’s Work Choice scheme and as a subcontractor in the Work Programme in different parts of the country.

The Government has stated that the budget for specialist disability employment support will remain unchanged over the Spending Review period, despite the withdrawal of subsidies from Remploy factories. The Government believes that moving money from Remploy to other schemes such as Access to Work is a more efficient use of public funds.

It was announced in March 2015 that Remploy will be established as a new company free from Government control in partnership with Remploy employees and MAXIMUS.

Documents to download

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