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Local authorities in England and Wales have broad discretion to offer assistance to private owners with housing repair/improvement work. The English Housing Survey 2015-16 found that 18% of owner occupied homes in England failed to meet the decent home standard.

There is no additional Government funded assistance with home repairs in England although the Welsh Government has made £10 million available for a 15 year home improvement loan scheme.

This briefing paper explains the powers authorities in England and Wales have to offer assistance under The Regulatory Reform (Housing Assistance)(England and Wales) Order 2002. Constituents seeking assistance with home repairs are best advised to check the relevant local authority’s website – information is usually listed under the heading of private sector renewal.

Scottish local authorities may also offer help under a Scheme of Assistance – most of the assistance available is discretionary and can involve non-financial assistance. In Northern Ireland grant and other assistance is administered by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive rather than local authorities.

Documents to download

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