Average Earnings: Regularly updated data on average weekly earnings, including breakdowns by public and private sectors.

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This document focuses on standard official sources. For more timely data on the labour market see Library paper Coronavirus: Impact on the labour market.

In April 2019 median gross weekly earnings for full-time employees in the UK were £585, up 2.8% on April 2018. Adjusted for inflation, median earnings for full-time employees increased by 0.7%.

Timelier but less detailed data show average weekly earnings for all employees in Great Britain decreased by 0.2% excluding bonuses in the three months to June 2020 compared with the previous year. Average weekly pay including bonuses decreased by 1.2%.

Inflation as measured by the CPI averaged 0.7% over the same period. After adjusting for inflation, average weekly earnings excluding bonuses were 1.0% lower than the previous year and average pay including bonuses were 2.0% lower.

Trends by Sector

Average weekly total pay (including bonuses) fell by 2.4% in the private sector and grew by 4.1% in the public sector in the three months to June 2020 compared with the year before.

Pay Levels

Median hourly earnings (excluding overtime) were £14.80 for full-time employees at April 2019: £15.34 for men working full-time and £13.97 for women.

Median hourly earnings (excluding overtime) were £9.94 for part-time employees; £9.70 for men and £10.00 for women. Women are more likely than men to work part-time.

The median is the point at which half earn more and half earn less.

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