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• European Commission proposals in July 2011 for reform of the Common Fisheries Policy included decentralisation; requiring fishermen to land all the fish they catch; reducing fleet overcapacity by market measures; supporting fish farms. The proposals will now go to the European Parliament and Council of Ministers.

• The UK Government’s reaction was non-committal. The Scottish Government said the proposals did not go far enough, but welcomed the opportunity to exercise more control over fishing in Scottish waters.

• The National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations did not want CFP reform to follow the model of the current cod management plan. Objectives, targets and timetables are set centrally, with a subordinate and highly constrained role for the Member States in implementing the rules.

• The head of environment at Seafish has challenged the conventional view that we are overfishing;

• The New Economics Foundation estimates that nearly half of EU fish consumption comes from fish outside of EU waters.

• The annual fisheries debate took place in Westminster Hall on 2 December 2010.

Documents to download

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