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In 2022/23, public spending per person in the UK as a whole was £12,549. In England, it was £12,227 (3% below the UK average). This compares with:

  • Scotland: £14,456 (15% above the UK average)
  • Wales: £13,967 (11% above the UK average)
  • Northern Ireland: £14,453 (15% above the UK average).

Among the English regions, public spending per person was lowest in the East Midlands at £11,225 (11% below the UK average) and highest in London at £14,486 (15% higher than the UK average).

The data shown is for public spending per person and is taken from HM Treasury’s Country and regional analysis: 2023, which contains more detailed information including spending by function (health, education and so on).

Spending figures for 2020/21 and 2021/22 reflect the unusual spending situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, and are different in some respects from spending patterns in previous years.

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