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This briefing paper forms part of the series ‘Sources of Statistics’, which has been produced by the House of Commons Library. This paper is a guide to Westminster (UK) Parliamentary constituency statistics on a range of topics. For in depth examination of individual topics, please refer to other guides in this series. 

This briefing paper has been arranged around different topics of statistics. Within each sub-section there is an explanation of the data available at the constituency level on this topic and a list of the names of these sources. This briefing paper is best viewed on an electronic device since it contains direct links to the sources themselves.

The primary sources of official statistics at the constituency level are the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and Government departments and their associated agencies.

Although there is no central database reporting on all indicators for a given constituency, the ONS has attempted to co-ordinate a list of available datasets across different departments. Its Data Catalogue lists all the national and official statistics that are available for Westminster Parliamentary constituencies and also for constituencies of the devolved parliaments.

To browse resources published by the Library with data for constituencies and other local areas, see our Local Data pages.

For further resources, see the Library research paper Sources of Statistics 2016 (CBP-7637).

Documents to download

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