Financial Indicators: Data from FTSE100, as well as oil prices and gold prices.

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The FTSE-100 tracks the share-prices of the 100 largest companies listed on the London Stock Exchange. In 2020, the index has fallen dramatically, as global share prices fell amid fears of the impact of the coronavirus. The FTSE closed at 4,993.89 on 23 March, the index’s lowest level since October 2011, though it has subsequently rallied and closed at 6,484.30 on 5 June, its highest level since early March.

Brent Crude Oil

The price of Brent crude oil reached an all-time high above $145/barrel in July 2008. In January 20, the price fell below $30/barrel for the first time in over ten years, though climbed in late 2016 after OPEC agreed to its first supply cut since 2008. Recently, the price has fallen dramatically, following OPEC and Russia failing to agree a cut in production. On 21 April, the price closed at $19.31, its lowest level since February 2002. The price reached $42.58/barrel on 22 June, its highest price sice early March. 

Gold Price

The nominal price of gold exceeded $1,800/ounce for the first time in August 2011, but the metal’s price has since moderated considerably, falling to $1,049/ounce in December 2015. Recently the price has been rising – in August 2019, the price passed $1,500/ounce for the first time since April 2013 and reached $1,600/ounce in February 2020, its highest level in seven years. Despite some turbulence following the coronavirus outbreak, the price has risen again and passed $1,700/ounce in mid-April for the first time since December 2012 and has largely remained aboive this price since.

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