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The Compliance Office for IPSA (‘Compliance Officer’) is an independent statutory office holder, responsible for investigating complaints about MPs’ claims for business costs and expenses paid to MPs by the Independent Standards Authority (IPSA).

The procedures for conducting investigations are determined by IPSA, following consultation. The current Procedures have operated since January 2015.

The Compliance Officer also undertakes reviews, upon the request of an MP, of a determination by IPSA to refuse an MP’s expense claim in whole or in part.

Tracy Hawkings – the former Head of Crime and Public Protection Command at Essex Police Headquarters – has been the Compliance Officer for IPSA since May 2018.

The current Compliance Officer works 2 days a week.

In 2018/19, the total cost of staffing, legal costs, expenses and consultancy for the Compliance Officer amounted to £95,000, with the Compliance Officer’s salary in the range of £25,000-£30,000.

Documents to download

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