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The Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Act 2011 made provision for the number of constituencies to be reduced to 600. This note summarises the new statutory public consultation process that the Boundary Commissions in each part of the UK must use as part of the Sixth General Review of UK Parliamentary constituencies.

A general background to the Sixth Review is given in Library Standard Note 5929, Constituency boundaries: the Sixth General Review.

Library Standard Notes 6068, Initial proposals for new constituency boundaries: England, 6098, Initial proposals for new constituency boundaries: Scotland 6070, Initial proposals for new constituency boundaries: Northern Ireland and 6095, Initial proposals for new constituency boundaries: Wales examine how the initial proposals would change the existing map of constituencies in each country. They also examine the extent to which proposed constituencies can be identified with existing seats, including which seats remain unchanged, and which existing constituencies will be most affected by the proposals.

Library Standard Note Sizes of constituency electorates contains statistics on the electorate of existing constituencies, including regional variations and the deviation in electorate sizes from the UK electoral quota of 76,641.

Documents to download

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