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Talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians on a two-state solution have stalled, with scarcely any meetings since 2010, but the Palestinian question has been displaced from the headlines by the crisis in Syria and mounting concerns about the Iranian nuclear programme.

The decision by the Palestinian Authority to seek recognition of Palestinian statehood at the United Nations did not achieve much, although Palestine is now a full member of the UN cultural organisation Unesco. The policy may be revived in 2012, however.

Until the US presidential election is completed, it is unlikely that there will be further movement on either negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians or recognition of Palestine at the United Nations.

Palestinian elections have been postponed because the Hamas and Fatah reconciliation talks have also stalled. An Israeli general election may be held in 2012.

The UK continues to support a two-state solution and to criticise Israeli settlements policy, while opposing boycotts and sanctions aimed at Israel.

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