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The Public Service Pensions Bill 2012/13 is currently before the UK Parliament. The Bill would establish a framework enabling the Government to introduce new public service pension schemes. In line with the recommendations of the Independent Public Service Pensions Commission, the new schemes would provide pension benefits based on career average rather than final salary and individuals would have a normal pension age linked to their State Pension age (except for the schemes for the firefighters, police and armed forces, which would have a normal pension age of 60). Except where transitional protection has been agreed for those closest to retirement, the existing schemes would close for future accrual by April 2015 (2014 for the local government schemes in England, Wales and Northern Ireland).

This note looks at the extent to which the Bill applies in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The reforms are discussed in more detail in Library Standard Note SN 5768 Public service pension reform – 2010 onwards and RP 12/57 Public Service Pensions Bill and RP 12/72 Public Service Pensions Bill – Committee Stage Report.

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