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Cabinet guidance 

The following is taken from the Cabinet Manual, a guide to laws, conventions and rules on the operation of government:

4.7 The Prime Minister determines and regulates the procedures of Cabinet, including when and where meetings take place. Cabinet currently meets in the Cabinet Room in 10 Downing Street every Tuesday morning while Parliament is sitting. Regional Cabinets can also take place, where the weekly Cabinet meeting is held in a location outside London. The agenda for Cabinet usually includes Parliamentary business, domestic and foreign affairs, and topical issues. The proceedings of Cabinet and Cabinet committees are recorded by the Cabinet Secretariat. The minutes produced are the official record of discussion and the decisions made. For more information, see paragraphs 4.34 and 4.35 on Cabinet minutes and paragraphs 4.51 and 4.52 on the Cabinet Secretariat.

Further information on the Cabinet and the workings of Government can be found on the Cabinet Office website: How Government works.

Parliament: facts and figures

This series of publications contains data on various subjects relating to Parliament and Government. Topics include legislation, MPs, select committees, debates, divisions and Parliamentary procedure.


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Documents to download

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