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In light of the severe flooding in the Winter of 2013-14, this note provides information about Government policy on flood planning and response, along with information that may be useful in assisting affected constituents. This note predominantly covers England. Water and flood defences are devolved issues, although provisions on flood insurance in the Water Bill extend to England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Recent updates to this note include details of the Environment Food and Rural Affairs Committee report on the Winter Floods published in June 2014.

The note supplements other Library notes that deal with specific aspects of flooding such as the Bellwin Scheme, Sewer Flooding, Flood Defence Spending, and Flood Insurance (provisions of the Water Bill. It summarises Government statements and headline spending commitments, notes relevant select committee activity, and sets out the respective roles of the Environment Agency, Internal Drainage Boards and Lead Local Flood Authorities. In addition it provides specific information about dredging, surface water and sustainable drainage and alternative flood management systems.

Documents to download

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