An overview of the series

More than £20 billion goes to undergraduates and universities in England each year. Most of this is paid as loans to students. These are not like conventional loans; the repayment and write-off terms mean the Government expects to make a substantial loss on them.

The Government’s long-awaited review of post 18 education and funding is due in autumn 2021. It could lead to the largest changes in student finance since 2012 is widely expected to introduce higher levels of repayments over the lifetime of many graduates.

This Commons Library series aims to help people better understand what is a complex system, ahead of the review. The first two articles in this series give an introduction to the system and the current financial flows. The rest look at the impact of different hypothetical changes to loan repayment terms, fee levels and grants.

An introduction to student finance in England

A summary of the current student finance system in England, who is involved in the system, and the main financial flows between each area.

A series on student finance in England

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