General election results from 1918 to 2019

This dataset presents UK general election results by constituency from 1918 onwards. It draws on several sources, described below, which may contain errors. For each constituency, the dataset includes the number of votes and vote share for different political parties, as well as the electorate and turnout. Turnout was calculated as valid votes divided by the electorate.…

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By-elections since the 2017 General Election

This Commons Library Briefing Paper sets out results of the by-elections held since the 2017 election. There were five by-elections in the two year Parliament, details can be found in the report.

Full details are presented in the associated PDF but an overview of the recent by-election results are shown below.…

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European Union (Withdrawal) Bill 2017-19: Commons consideration of Lords amendments

The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill has completed its passage through the House of Lords and is now awaiting Commons consideration of Lords amendments. This paper summarises amendments to the Bill during its passage through Parliament and provides information about procedures for Commons consideration of Lords amendments.…

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Members of the House of Commons since 1979

Since the 1979 General Election, there have been 2,128 people elected to the House of Commons. Of these, 403 have been women and 1,725 have been men.

This publication lists all Members of the House of Commons starting from the 1979 General Election which took place on the 3 May. It is a new edition of our 2010 publication.…

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Prisons and Courts Statistics, England and Wales

This paper provides background statistics on prisons and courts in England and Wales ahead of the Second Reading of the Prisons and Courts Bill 2016-17.

Commons Library Briefing Paper SN04334: Prison Population Statistics (currently being updated) explores prison population data for England and Wales in more depth and includes data for the rest of the UK.…

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London Elections 2016

Elections for the London Mayor and London Assembly were held on 5 May 2016. The Labour Party candidate Sadiq Khan was elected as Mayor of London with the highest number and share of first preference votes since mayoral elections began in 2000. Labour won 12 of the 25 seats in the London Assembly, the Conservatives 8, the Green Party and UKIP 2 seats each and the Liberal Democrats one seat. Turnout in the mayoral election was 45.2%.…

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Local Elections 2016

Local elections were held for 2,782 council seats across 124 district, unitary and metropolitan borough councils in England on 5 May 2016. In the elections the Conservatives had a net loss of 38 seats, Labour a net loss of 15 seats and the Liberal Democrats a net gain of 48 seats. Changes in council control across England were minimal.…

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