Brexit Negotiations: The Irish border question

The border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and how it will operate, is one of the three main areas of discussion in the first phase of Brexit negotiations .

This paper sets out the different UK and EU negotiating positions as well as how they both pledge to honour the Good Friday Agreement, and what this pledge commits both sides to.

It looks at how the Northern Irish devolved government is inputting into the talks, and how the confidence and supply deal between the Conservative party and the DUP might impact on the negotiations.

This paper explores how people will move between the two countries, and how the Common Travel Area might be maintained.

It also looks at the complexities of avoiding a ‘hard border’, the stated position of both the EU and the UK, while still adhering to EU rules on moving goods between itself and countries outside the Single Market and Customs Union.…

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Key Issues 2017

Key Issues 2017 is a series of short briefings on the topics that will take centre stage in UK and international politics in the new Parliament. Written by impartial Commons Library specialists, these articles are designed to help the reader get up to speed quickly on issues such as; Brexit, the housing crisis, the future of devolution and much more.

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Armed forces and investigation and prosecution of historical cases

An Opposition Day debate on a motion relating to Armed forces and investigation and prosecution of historical cases, will be held in the Commons Chamber on Thursday 23 February 2017. The debate will arise on a motion in the name of the Democratic Unionist Party.…

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European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill

This Library briefing analyses the short Bill that offers Parliament its first opportunity to give legal effect to the result of the EU referendum by providing the UK Government with authority to trigger Article 50 on leaving the EU.…

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