The No-deal Brexit: A guide to Commons Library research is an annotated bibliography of sources published by the House of Commons Library on a potential no-deal Brexit. It will be updated regularly. Links to the papers included in the resource are available on this page, the downloadable version includes additional comment on some of the selected papers.

Live animals are exported to EU countries from the UK for breeding, fattening, and slaughter. EU rules to protect the welfare of live animals during transport and related operations were agreed in 2004, and implemented in the UK in 2007. However, there are a number of ongoing campaigns calling for a ban on live exports for slaughter, on welfare grounds. Brexit has prompted renewed calls for such a ban. There are also concerns amongst farmers about the impact of Brexit on their ability to export live animals, including between Northern Ireland and Ireland.

UK farmers receive around €4 billion per year under the EU's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Under any Brexit scenario, the UK will leave the CAP when it leaves the EU. A new policy framework and legislative basis will be needed. Work is in progress to develop this: the four UK nations are developing their own plans for farm support and an Agriculture Bill is currently awaiting further consideration in the Commons. But what happens to farm payments in the event of a no deal Brexit? This briefing sets out the Government's plans to continue to pay farmers after exit day and the legal measures to enable this to happen.