How long do patients wait for cancer diagnosis and treatment? This note outlines NHS performance trends relating to cancer testing, treatment and care. In 2014 there were 1.5m urgent GP referrals with suspected cancer. This is 53% higher than in 2010. 272,000 patients began treatment for cancer, up 12% on 2010. Of these, 129,000 had previously been urgently referred by their GP, up 25% on 2010.

This note seeks to provide a summary of the role of mitochondria, mitochondrial disease and the proposed new techniques. It will also outline the investigations into these techniques that took place prior to the Government announcement; a HFEA scientific review of the safety and efficacy of methods, an ethical review of the techniques for mitochondrial replacement undertaken by the Nuffield Council on Bioethics and an HFEA public consultation. The main safety and ethical considerations associated with the introduction of these techniques into clinical practice will be discussed.

Exposure to asbestos fibres can lead to a number of serious diseases. People suffering from certain conditions may be able to pursue a civil claim for damages against one or more employers responsible for exposing them to asbestos negligently and/or in breach of a statutory duty. Compensation may also be available under schemes administered by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).