• Research Briefing

    Planning Reform Proposals

    A series of wide-ranging planning reforms were announced by the previous Government before the general election in its February 2017 Housing White Paper. The new Government will have the job of deciding if/how to take these forward. This paper sets out what is proposed alongside other reforms contained in legislation and previous consultations.

  • Research Briefing

    Garden cities, towns and villages

    New garden cities, towns and villages have been proposed as one way to meet the housing shortfall. A new garden city is under development at Ebbsfleet and the Government has offered support for a number of further garden town and village sites across the country. A number of studies propose different models for delivering garden cities. This note sets out further information about the differing views on garden settlements and government support and policies in relation to them.

  • Research Briefing

    Planning for Housing

    A number of reforms to the system of planning for housing were put forward in the previous Conservative Government's Housing White Paper, which the new Government will need to respond to and decide how to take forward. This briefing paper sets out how local authorities are directed to plan for housing, concern about unplanned developments, and the proposals for reform in this area.

  • Research Briefing

    Planning reform in the housing white paper

    The Government's housing white paper, published on 7 February 2017, contains proposals for a number of planning reforms. This page summarises some of the key planning proposals from it and contains links to initial reactions to it. It also brings together some of the other documents published at the same time as the white paper.

  • Debate Pack

    The Midlands Engine

    This debate pack has been prepared ahead of the debate on the Midlands Engine to be held in Westminster Hall on Tuesday 24 January at 9.30am. The subject for debate has been chosen by Chris White MP.

  • Research Briefing

    Devolution Deals and Housing (England)

    This Commons Library briefing paper outlines the housing aspects of devolution deals that have been agreed between the Government and local areas. The includes which housing and planning powers will be devolved under the deals, what progress has been made towards implementation, and which other powers local areas have asked for.

  • Research Briefing

    Neighbourhood Planning Bill: Report on Committee Stage

    The Neighbourhood Planning Bill 2016-17 was amended during its Committee stage in the House of Commons. A number of Government new clauses were added in relation to local plan making. This paper sets out the Government amendments and Opposition concerns about the Bill raised in Committee.

  • Research Briefing

    Commons Library analysis of the Neighbourhood Planning Bill

    The Neighbourhood Planning Bill 2016-17 (Bill 61) makes reform to the neighbourhood planning system, the use of pre-commencement planning conditions and the compulsory purchase process. The aim is to speed up the delivery of new homes. The Bill’s Second Reading in the House of Commons is scheduled for 10 October 2016. This paper sets out the background and comment on the Bill.

  • Research Briefing

    Planning for onshore wind

    Onshore wind farm planning applications are determined by local authorities, except for small-scale domestic turbines which have permitted development rights. Recent changes to onshore wind planning policy made by the Government has aimed to give local communities more of a say in which developments are approved. This note sets out planning policy for onshore wind development, controls in place, rules on separation distances, possible community benefits and the recent changes.