Anya Somerville

Head of Indexing and Data Management

"I’m surrounded by people with expertise, in a place which rewards curiosity"

Bryn Morgan

Director of Service Development

"The best thing about the job is colleagues I’ve worked with over the years"

Ed Newton

Library Executive

"What makes my role so exciting is the variety of tasks I get to do"

Edit Belucz

Customer Operations Executive

"I get to learn something new every day, which I find incredibly inspiring"

Edmund Tetteh

Technology and Information Officer

"I’ve always felt like part of the team and enjoy working with many people from different backgrounds"

Jonathan Finlay

Assistant Research Analyst

"I really feel like I’m making a difference in my job"

Laura Webb

Knowledge Exchange Manager

"I’m impressed by the amount of training, support and resources available and I’m learning all the time"

Paul Lester

Programme and Resources Project Manager

"It offers the opportunity to explore many different career paths within the same place of work"

Sandip Samra

Customer Marketing and Communications Manager

"I enjoy communicating about what’s happening in the House of Commons and the wider world, and how they interact"

Stacey Pereira

Data Protection Adviser

"I was always fascinated by the workings of Parliament, so I applied for a role"