After completing a course in international journalism, my first job was in fundraising and communications for a homelessness charity. I went on to work for a university and then two police forces, covering email marketing, social media, events, design, publishing and more. After this, and before joining the House of Commons Library, I took a short career break to teach English in Spain.

In my role I lead on reaching MPs and their staff with relevant research, resources, training and news about the Library and POST. I enjoy communicating about what’s happening in the House of Commons and the wider world, and how they interact. Being impartial, and helping ensure the Library is too, is really interesting and I learn something new every day.

The more complex aspects of Parliament, such as legislation and procedure, can be challenging. This isn’t a barrier to working here though, because there’s lots of support and resources. It’s also challenging to work in an organisation that isn’t as diverse as other places I’ve worked. But I’m pleased to say that a lot of good work is happening across Parliament to improve this.

Opportunities at the Commons Library

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