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Figures released today by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show the variation in employees’ earnings across Britain.

Earnings levels are highest for people living in London and the South East. At the top of the list come the London constituencies of Richmond Park and Kensington where median earnings for full-time employees are £810 per week, compared to £370 in Preston and Blackpool South.

The map shows median gross weekly earnings for full-time employees based on the constituency in which they live, at April 2013. The median is the point at which 50% of employees earn more, and 50% earn less. The figures are for earnings by job, rather than by individual – one individual could hold several jobs. Therefore the map looks at earnings for full-time employee jobs only.

These figures are collected via a survey and are based on a relatively small number of employees in each constituency. Therefore they are only approximate. Download data for all constituencies

Author: Feargal McGuinness